This Is How The Welcome Bonuses Work In The Online Casino

With the new gaming law, which the people adopted on June 10, 2018, online casinos that were previously banned are also allowed in Switzerland. The condition for this is that the casino has a permanent location in Switzerland and that all games on the platform must first be approved by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (ESBK).

Many of the major Swiss casinos have now successfully launched an online platform and are now vying for the players’ favor. Above all, the large welcome bonuses should create the incentive to take a look around the platform and, ideally, to try out one or the other table game or online slot. The bigger the bonuses, the more exciting it is for the user. Up to CHF 1,111 deposit bonuses are offered, for example, at, the Grand Casino Baden’s online casino. This means that the online casino has the biggest bonus in Switzerland!

How Does That Work With The Bonus?

It is not always easy to understand which bonus you can unlock as a player at what point in time. There are so-called bonus credits that are not tied to any conditions.

The deposit bonuses for new customers are very popular. Deposit bonus means that the deposited amount on the online casino account is supplemented by a certain bonus amount. In the example of and the 100% deposit bonus, you get double the balance on your account up to an amount of 1,111 francs. Example: If you buy 10 francs, you get a 10 franc bonus, and 1,111 francs you get a 1,111 franc bonus. Anything over 1,111 will also be remunerated with 1,111 francs.

But be careful, the deposit bonus is not money for your bank account, it is intended for you to be able to use the online casino’s offer in a playful way. Therefore, the bonuses are tied to conditions and cannot be paid out. In order to convert the bonus balance into real money, the balance at, for example, must be used 30 times on slots and 90 times on table games (poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.).

Is The Bonus Worth It At All?

Deposit bonus is definitely something attractive to extend the fun of the game. And therein lies the crux of the matter. Responsible gaming with fun and not the desperate hunt for high winnings should always be the focus.