Is Internet Gambling Legal?

Since 2019, casinos from Switzerland have also been allowed to operate their own online casino; providers from abroad have been blocked for this. Which online casinos are legal in Switzerland and how you can identify a reputable provider – we clarify the most important questions.

Which Online Casinos Are Allowed?

In June 2018, 72.9% of the Swiss electorate said yes to the new gaming law, which was put into effect by the Federal Council on January 1, 2019. With the new law, casinos in Switzerland can now offer online games that have previously been banned. At the same time, foreign providers are blocked, because only casinos with a location-based seat in Switzerland can apply to the federal government for a license for an online casino.

On the one hand, this strengthens player protection and, on the other hand, no more money flows to sometimes dubious providers from abroad who cannot be checked or regulated by the Federal Casino Commission. So when the Swiss spend money on gambling, it should happen in their own country, where the casinos are strictly regulated and fixed taxes flow into our AHV.

First online casino in Switzerland

The Grand Casino Baden was the first casino in Switzerland to open a licensed and reputable online casino with Numerous well-known online slots such as Super Cherry, Book of Ra, Lucky Lady’s Charm, Starburst and many more are waiting to be discovered here. Table games such as blackjack, roulette or baccarat and a live casino are also part of the extensive range!

Who Regulates Swiss Online Casinos?

Location-based casinos such as the Grand Casino Baden have thus been given the opportunity to digitally expand their offerings with an online casino. To do this, every casino has to apply for a license from the federal government. An online platform can only be set up once this application has been checked by the state and the license has been granted.

At the same time, every game on the relevant platforms is checked again separately by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (ESBK). If the provider is headquartered in a high-risk country (e.g. Caribbean islands), cooperation is excluded.

How Do I Recognize A Reputable Provider?

Serious providers from abroad have inevitably withdrawn from the Swiss market after the change in the law. But there are still dubious providers who disregard the law. In many cases, it is precisely these online casinos that are based in a high-risk country and use local loopholes in the law to deprive users of their winnings. So one hears again and again from users that winnings were not paid out or simply disappeared from the player account. The following hints help to identify a reputable Swiss online casino:

  • Who Is The Provider?

Look for an imprint or an «About Us» section on the website. If the provider is reputable, he transparently reveals who operates the platform. It has to be a casino from Switzerland in order to be approved at all.

  • License Number

Every casino in Switzerland that wants to operate an online casino must apply for an additional license from the federal government. This has a number which is noted on the platform and which can be used to check the reliability.

  • Player Ban

Player protection was one of the most important reasons for the federal government to allow online casinos in Switzerland. Swiss providers have simple and transparent options that players can block themselves if they are afraid of gambling addiction or the casino can block them directly if they are suspected. In the case of dubious providers, this option of being blocked is often completely absent or it is difficult to obtain.

  • Player Verification

Whoever registers must confirm his identity and age by sending in the ID. In addition, winnings can only be paid out to a Swiss bank account. This ensures that the person in question is an adult resident in Switzerland.